Getting Started

Thanks for purchasing a Veebeam Unit. Here are a few steps to get your up and running. For a multilingual quick start guide please refer Here.


You should find the following items enclosed in the Veebeam Box;

  • Power Supply for your Country
  • Veebeam Receiver Unit
  • Veebeam USB Antenna
  • Composite Cable (Underneath the cardboard inner)



Now we need to connect the Veebeam box to the TV, install the software then plug in the USB antenna and we are good to go.

Installing the Software

Before installing the software please note the Minimum Requirements for Veebeam. If you are unsure of your laptops specifications please use our Compatibility Tool to see if Veebeam will work. We are unable to support Mac OS 10.7 and 10.8, more information about what will and will not work is available Here.

Step 1.

First of all head over to the Downloads page on our website and choose the appropriate software for your laptop.

Step 2. 

Run through the installation wizard.

Step 3.

After installation, a Veebeam icon will appear in the system tray (Windows) or will appear on the menu bar when the USB antenna is inserted (Mac OS).

Connecting to your TV

Step 1.

Once you have unpackaged your unit connect up to your TV. We recommend using a HDMI cable for full HD quality or you can use the provided composite cable.

Step 2.

Select the correct input channel on your TV settings.

Step 3.

Power on your receiver unit by inserting the power supply. An orange light should now be lit up on the front of your Veebeam receiver unit. Inserting the USB antenna into the cradle on the front of your unit will power it off.

Inserting the USB Antenna

Step 1.

Remove the USB antenna from the cradle, raise the arm and insert into an open USB port on your laptop.

Step 2.

The light on the USB antenna should start to fast flash (3 to 4 times a second), slow flash (1 to 2 times a second) and then be solid when a connection is made.

Step 3.

In the Veebeam window select the “settings” option and optimise for your TV. If you have a 1080p TV use this option for full HD quality.

When you are finished just replace the USB antenna back into the cradle on the front of the receiver unit to power off.


Screencasting Mode

Display your desktop on your TV screen to show presentations, Netflix, Hulu and other online media.


Video PlayTo Mode (Veebeam Player)

Play movie files to your TV with the Veebeam player and leave your laptop free to surf. To maximise media compatibility we suggest you Download the Latest Codec pack.

Audiocasting Mode

Audiocasting allows your to utilise your TV or Hi-Fi speakers to play all your favourite music or Spotify.

My USB antenna does not get past fast flashing?

If you have fast flashing you have no software installed or driver issues.

My USB antenna does not get past slow flashing?

Slow flashing means the drivers have loaded but a connection with the   receiver unit has not been made. Please make sure that the USB antenna and Receiver unit are in line of site and within 30ft/10m.

I have a solid light on my USB antenna but no image displayed on the TV?

No image displayed on your TV could mean that a program or firewall installed is being blocked. Please look here on our Firewall Page or Contact Support if you still experience difficulties.