How It Works


Plug the Veebeam box into your TV.


Plug the USB antenna into your laptop.


Almost magically, your desktop appears in glorious high fidelity.

Easy to use.

There are two ways to use Veebeam: Screencasting mode and Video Play-To mode. Selecting between Screencasting and Video Play-To modes depends on what kind of content you want to watch on your TV.


Screencasting Mode (default):

Use this mode to display your desktop or share websites with friends and family. This is the mode you will see when you first insert the USB antenna into your laptop.


Video Play-To Mode:

Use this mode to enjoy the best video quality when playing downloaded media files (not applicable to websites). The other big advantage over Screencasting Mode is multi-tasking. When using Video Play-To Mode, you can stream to your TV while writing emails or surfing the web. 

  Product Brief 

Improved wireless technology

To accomplish that magic and create a better viewing experience at a reasonable price, we used some pretty advanced technology called Wireless USB.Wireless USB creates a secure point-to-point connection between your laptop and your TV. WUSB is more powerful than traditional WiFi because it offers more bandwidth, better security and less interference over short distances.
To maintain a high-speed WUSB connection, the TV and laptop need to be  in the same room.